Working with Seniors

Mosaics created with LTC residents.jpgIMG_0836.jpg

We facilitated 5 mosaic-making sessions with seniors at a long-term care centre. We cut out the templates from plywood and prepared a big selection of materials, and we provided coaching and direction. The actual work was done by the residents, none of whom had done this kind of thing before. I think they did a great job, and it was a great pleasure to watch these folks become engaged with the project. The photo above shows the work created by the seniors.

Sue’s Sparrow

Sue's Sparrow 2020  _16.5" long x 9.5" tall.JPG

A mosaic sketch improvised watching the sparrows in our back yard.  Twinkling in at 16.5″ long and 9.5″ tall. For Sue.

The Paris Cardinals


We recently installed these two male cardinals at a home in Paris Ontario. They’re hanging on a set of wires which are designed for roses and clematis to grow on. As the plants mature, they can grow around the mosaics.

These cardinals are traditional mosaics made with smalti glass tiles.

We love butterfly season!


This one has a 19 inch wingspan. It’s made from broken crockery, ceramic tiles, a wooden bead (on the head) and two plastic animals (can you find them?).

The Paris Bear

This large-scale exterior grizzly bear project is about 5 feet all and 4 feet wide. It has recently been installed at a home in Paris Ontario. It lives along the back wall of a house, in a garden area, overlooking a pool. This mosaic was installed in the fall and sits above the ground to accommodate garden growth.

The grizzly is made from a combination of broken crockery, smalti tiles and a few surprises such as the white LEGO pieces on the head. This mosaic is on a sturdy treated plywood ground, installed using a French cleat.


Paris bear head detail.jpg

From a distance you can see the bear as a whole, but as you get closer, the detail reveals itself. Paris bear body detail.jpg

This is one of our larger, more complex projects, and it is our second grizzly. In 2013, we did one in a different pose for our own garden. We primarily do custom work.  The Paris Bear was designed with the specific site in mind. After making a site visit, we created this bear in our mosaic workshop in Long Branch.

We enjoy doing the larger mosaic work and we’re always happy to discuss possibilities to fit any home or garden.

Robin Mosaic in progress

Robin Mosaic progress March 2016

This photo shows the Long Branch Robin in process. This mosaic is made from broken crockery, ceramic tiles and a few surprise items on a birch plywood ground.